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Kulambu chilli Masala

Kulambu chilli Masala
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Kulambu chilli Masala


Kulambu chilli Masala

Kulambu chilli Masala which is also known as mirch in India is a South American fruit that was introduced to the subcontinent by the Portuguese 400 years ago. They are widely used in numerous cuisines as a spice for simply adding heat to any dish. Chilies originated in Mexico and later were spread across the world, and are used for both food and traditional medication. Today, they are all used around the world for further adding a punch of heat and flavor to all the dishes.


Indian dishes are just so incomplete without Kulambu chilli Masala. They are an important and integral part of every dish that is prepared and that can be eaten throughout the day. Apart from adding flavor to food, chilies are also known for benefitting the digestive tracts, that further help in promoting a healthy heart, relieve joint pains, promote weight loss, mitigate migraine, reduce cancer risk, prevents allergies, etc.


  • Dry Kulambu chilli Masala is broadly used as a spice in curried dishes

  • For making hot sauce like pepper sauce and tabasco sauce

  • For color extraction.

  • As counter-irritant in Neuralgia, Rheumatic disorder, and Lumbago

  • Isolated Indian red chili or mirch enzymes are known for being beneficial in treating a certain type of Cancers.

  • Dehydrated Kulambu chilli Masala is the source of vitamin C.

  • This is also used as a pain balm and Vaporub

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